Approximately six years ago, The Justice Conference was created to be a forum where people of faith could gather and discuss the world’s injustices. Now, the conference is the largest Biblical and social justice conference of its kind.  Presented by World Relief, the event seeks to bring together world-class speakers, pastors, authors and artists to answer the questions: what is justice and how do I become an advocate for peace?  As a global event, the conference has been held in both Hong Kong, China and Melbourne, Australia---but this year it came here to Chicago!

On June 5 & 6, individuals from around the world ascended on Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theater in downtown Chicago to learn about the current injustices of our world.  Over the course of two days, speakers invited attendees to think differently about inequality and presented a Biblical framework for how Christian faith and social justice go hand-in-hand.

Because the conference was held locally this year, several World Relief DuPage/Aurora staff members had the opportunity to attend. When asked about their experience, each felt similarly reenergized and renewed in purpose.  Below are some of the highlights shared.

“After attending the conference, I feel led to make more direct connections to the refugees we serve. I’ve started by inviting a family over to my house for dinner and plan to do that with others. Not as a way to “help” them, but just as a way to make relationships and connections. I don’t feel like I can honestly do the work of “justice” without more personal relationships and experiences.”

- Liz Clinton, Education Manager, Aurora

“For me, although the word justice is currently in vogue, it still represent a timeless and key value for Christians. It is an expression of what Jesus said that he came to the earth to accomplish (Luke 4:18).”

-Zach Taylor, Employment Specialist

“I enjoyed many of the speakers, but personally I needed to hear Bob Goff’s reminder that the journey of Christians when seeking justice is not heavy-laden or a crippling burden. We must approach injustices with a heart or attitude of whimsy and joy because of the Good News we have and the source of where justice comes from.”

-Casey Barrette Children & Youth Program Manager, Aurora

The Justice Conference will once again take place in Chicago in June 2016—and registration is already open!  If you would like to be a part of this live-changing experience, and receive the early registration discount, visit today!