Update: December 7, 2015


These durable plastic signs are available for your yard, window or balcony.  Signs are free while supplies last and can be picked up from either WRDA office - in Wheaton or in Aurora.  Show your support for our neighbors and for our community being a welcoming place for refugees.  For more information you can contact Jamie Daling at jdaling@wr.org or Emily Gray at egray@wr.org.

Interview with Executive Director, Emily Gray, on the impact of recent events on WRDA and local ministry.  Read Interview Here.

World Relief's statement in the wake of the attacks in Beirut, Lebanon and Paris, France.  WR Statement

Individuals seeking asylum in the countries of Europe have not been through the screening processes that are used to determine refugees who will be admitted to the United States.  This rigorous, multi-step process of background checks and personal interviews is a vital part of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.  See an overview of the screening process here: US Security Process

These situations are an opportunity for  welcoming communities and churches to show love like never before.  Right now you can:


Commit to pray for refugees, churches, individuals and the staff of World Relief globally and locally as we serve and mobilize others.  We have developed this guide to focus on praying for 7 crucial needs experienced by vulnerable refugees.  Syria_Prayers.pdf


The White House has announced that the U.S. will resettle 10,000 in 2016 of those fleeing the violence in Syria. As a nation we can and should do more.  You can advocate for increasing the number of refugees the U.S. will accept.  Follow this link to easily send your voice to those who will make these lafe and death decisions.


Your gifts can make it possible that refugees are served in the Middle East, in Europe and locally in DuPage and Kane Counties.  To suport the work of World Relief in Norther Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Germany and other key locations, click here.  Your gift will make possible things like:

  • Urgent Supplies – World Relief is providing urgent supplies for refugees like temporary shelter, hygiene items, pots, pans, cooking utensils, and more. 
  • Trauma Therapy – World Relief is empowering local churches to provide therapy for women who have experienced unspeakable atrocities at the hands of Islamic State fighters.
  • Child Friendly Spaces – World Relief is working with local churches to provide child-friendly spaces for children to have a safe place to play, get basic education, process the trauma they have experienced, and be ministered to by loving Christians.

Your gifts locally help refugees from Syria and other parts of the world start a new life in America.  To support the work of World Relief DuPage/Aurora click here.  Your gift will make possible things like:

  • Living Expenses for newly arriving families – WRDA invests approximately $1,500 in each refugee resettled to leverage public and private grants to stabilize the family.
  • Chidlren and Youth Services – From Early Childhood programs that prepare children for success when they enter school, to academic and psycho-social support programs for school-age kids, specialized programs help kids succeed in their new home.
  • Church and Volunteer Mobilization – WRDA empowers the local church through engaging leaders and members in learning and hands-on ministry.  Your gift will help us mobilize some 80 local churches and over 800 volunteers making a difference in the lives of refugees and immigrants.


While we prepare for more refugees from Syria, refugees from Burma, Africa, Iraq and other parts of the world are arriving every month.  You can make a difference today in the life of a refugee.  Click here to learn more about volunteer and intership opportunities.

"I was a stranger...and you welcomed me in."  -Jesus