Immigrant Legal Services / Servicios Legales De Immigracion

Administrative Relief

 DACA Renewal

ILS provides quality, compassionate, and affordable immigration assistance and is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals as an accredited establishment.

General Consultations provide a brief introduction to immigrant legal services and help clients discover their options and begin any necessary processes needed to attain desired status.

Adjustment of Status facilitates the movement from a temporary status to a permanent status, where eligible.

Family Reunification allows citizens and immigrant residents to petition for family members who’ve been separated through war and persecution, or who are citizens of another country.

Citizenship Services enable eligible permanent residents to apply for U.S. Citizenship, opening them up to rights, privileges, and services previously inaccessible, and allowing them to become informed, contributing members of their communities.

For more information on Citizenship Services, click here.

VAWA/U-Visas seek justice against wrongful acts of violence, and open up pathways for the victim to gain protection through lawful status.

We also offer the  following services:

  • Conditional Residency Removal
  • Consular Process/ Immigrant Visas
  • Document Translations
  • Financé  Petitions
  • Refugee Green Cards
  • Renew/Replace Green Cards

To schedule an appointment:

DuPage Office

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Aurora Office

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