Education Services

Helps refugees and other immigrants learn English and move towards self-sufficiency. The goal is to give adult learners the language skills they need to become independent and productive members of their communities.

Community ESL Program

Specialized Curriculum was designed to meet the “real-life” needs of our adult learners. The majority of ESL students have minimal English skills when they enroll. World Relief Education Services prepares them to function independently and give them the skills to find and keep a job.

Flexible Scheduling accommodates a variety of work schedules. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available. Students may register and enter classes any time during the year.

Transportation is available – free of charge – to new refugees.

Job Focused ESL and Job Preparation Classes are available for adults on public assistance who will be entering the workforce.

Gateway Classes are provided especially for those adult learners arriving without literacy skills in their native language.

Volunteers provide small group and one-on-one tutoring, in and outside of the classroom. More than 100 volunteers participate each year.

ESL Children’s Program

Nursery Services and Toddler Classes are offered to allow parents to attend the morning ESL program.

Pre-school prepares children to integrate into the public school system through English instruction, social interaction and cultural experience.

The Family Literacy Program in Aurora encourages families to read together and introduces them to the library. It helps parents be more actively involved in their children’s education and helps children be more successful when they start kindergarten.

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For more information, please contact:

DuPage Office

Katherine Becker for general questions
(630) 462-7566 x1022 |

Heather Spanogle for ESL Volunteer Opportunities
(630) 462-7566 x1042 |

Aurora Office

Liz Clinton for general questions
(630) 906-9546 x21 |

Heather Davis for ESL Volunteer Opportunities
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