Hope For the Future

Hope for the Future

Many refugees seek resettlement in another country because they dream of a future of safety, hope, and opportunity for their children.  While the U.S. may be a land of opportunity, refugee families need support in order to access the opportunities around them.  Therefore, World Relief DuPage/Aurora [WRDA] relies on the support of partners to help us provide for the future of refugee children.  

Many of the young people who are resettled by WRDA have only know the confines of a crowded refugee camp where schooling was sparse. As a result, learning a new language and navigating the American school systems presents a challenge. To help refugee families create the chance for a future for their children, WRDA offers a variety of age-appropriate services to aid both the student and the parent.  

The Early Childhood Program (ECP) provides a safe place for refugee children, infant to 5 years-old, while their parents attend ESL classes.  However, ECP is more than childcare.  The program is designed to prepare refugee children for kindergarten---emotionally, socially, and physically.

With regard to school-aged children, upon arrival, WRDA assists parents with school enrollment, provides the parents with an orientation to the American school system, and mediates between the school and the family as issues arise.  Furthermore, through local churches and volunteers, WRDA Youth Services offer youth clubs that provide both educational and cultural support.

We do not – can not – do this alone.

The work of WRDA relies of partners who join with us financially, through donating their time and through giving gifts in kind to support refugee and immigrant families.  See the various ways to provide support in the list to the right or click on one of the program images below.

So, we invite you to be a part of this exciting work that is transforming people and communities every day. Join us and help change a life!

Through grants, free rents, donated transportation, gifts in kind and volunteer labor, every dollar you donate is leveraged six times (6:1).