WRDA Financial Donations

Matching Gift Opportunity!

WRDA needs your support. We are excited to announce that a local foundation has offered a match of $25,000!  Every dollar you give will be matched by a dollar. Please help us reach our goal by the end of 2016! These funds will support WRDA's ministry to immigrants and refugees, including refugee resettlement, education and immigrant legal services. To have your gift matched today, just add "2016 Match" in the comments section when you click on the orange button above. 

Contact Tim Kustusch at tkustusch@wr.org or Bill Janus at bjanus@wr.org with any questions.

Persecution. Oppression. Slavery. Torture. War.

Horrible realities like these force families from all over the world to flee their homes and become our new neighbors. Some come as refugees from countries like Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. Others come as immigrants from Central America, Europe, and Asia. One thing unites them all – the need for a helping hand as they rebuild their lives. There are many ways that you can donate to WRDA and help these refugee and immigrant families thrive in our communities:

  • Individual Gifts – Make a difference in a refugee or immigrant’s life today by clicking the button above to donate online or by mailing a check to 1825 College Ave, Suite 230, Wheaton, IL 60187.
  • Monthly Giving – Support refugee and immigrant families throughout the year by becoming one of valued WRDA’s monthly givers. Click on the button above and select the “recurring gift” option, or contact Tim Kustusch or 630-580-5083 to set up a monthly gift transfer directly from your bank account.
  • Planned Giving – Serve refugee and immigrant families that will arrive in years to come by including WRDA in your will or trust. To find out more about legacy giving, donating from your IRA, or offering a gift annuity, contact Bill Janus at BJanus@wr.org or 630-580-5100.
  • Stock & Real Estate Gifts – Turn your stocks and real estate into life-changing resources for immigrant families. Contact Bill Janus to find out more about donating your non-cash assets.
  • Furniture Donations – oour gently used couches, dressers, and other furniture ensure that every refugee family arrives to welcoming apartment! Click Here for details on furniture donations.
  • Vehicle Donations – Repurpose your used vehicle by donating to a refugee family to help them navigate the community and get to work! Click Here for details on vehicle donations.

Thank you for your support of WRDA as together we Stand/for the Vulnerable.