World Relief is committed to supporting governmental policies and actions consistent with the call of Scripture to welcome the stranger among us.  In working with immigrants and refugees we understand the vital role of government in setting policy and in funding programs that are in the public interest.  Currently our advocacy efforts are focused on:

Immigration Reform

World Relief is committed to reforming American immigration policies to make them consistent with the heart of God as seen in scripture. Specifically, we believe that reform is needed to speed processing of family-based immigration, create responsive avenues for immigrants to work in the US, provide a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants, and protect the border humanely.  There are ways you can be involved today:

  • Pray4Reform-Please consider gathering a small group of friends or colleagues to come together to pray for immigrants and our legislators.  As you do so, please sign up at and tell us about your event!  The attached prayer guide provides Scripture readings and specific prayer points for your time together.
  • Stay informed of changes and updates to a variety of immigration-related issues.  Follow WRDA on social media and also follow 
  • Call Your Member of Congress- Dial this number 866-877-5552 and get connected to your Senator!  Save the number to your phone, and share the number with your friends.  Members of Congress continue to say the calls into their offices are overwhelmingly against immigration reform, let’s try to change that!
  • Email and Write Letters- Go to our website and contact your Member of Congress directly.  Email your Senator and Representative, and use the template letter to draft and mail in your own letter by fax or snail mail!

Are you looking for more information on the immigration debate from a Christian perspective?

Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion, & Truth in the Immigration Debate is co-authored by World Relief Staff, Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang (Yang)