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Important Resources

Immigrant Defense Project Know your rights with ICE
How to Protect Your Family - Protegiendo a su familia
Catholic Legal Immigration Network's (CLINIC) page on preparing for the change in the administration
National Immigrant Law Center's (NILC) page on Immigrant and Refugee Rights 
Immigrant Legal Resource Center's website
Watch this video to learn more about your rights

Recursos Importantes

El Proyecto de Defensa al Inmigrante Entérate de tus derechos
How to Protect Your Family - Protegiendo a su familia
La página web de Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) sobre cómo prepararse para el cambio de administración
La página web de National Immigrant Law Center (NILC) sobre los derechos de los inmigrantes y los refugiados
La página web de Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC
mire este video para aprender más sobre sus derechos

DACA is still in effect

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (“DACA 2012”) provides eligible, undocumented young people who arrived before age 16 an opportunity to remain in the United States and to apply for work authorization. 

  1. If you have an upcoming DACA renewal, you should apply to renew within the time frame required. World Relief suggests renewals be done prior to January’s inauguration if possible, or as soon thereafter as possible.
  2. If you have not applied for DACA, go to a reputable legal provider for a consultation, and if after your consultation it is determined that you have a strong DACA petition, apply for this benefit. Please visit these websites for more information about reputable legal providers: BIA Roster of the Department of Justice and American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Beware of notarios! Sadly, this is the time when unscrupulous people will attempt to offer benefits or protections that do not exist. Only seek legal help from reputable legal providers. It is also important for you to be screened for other benefits besides DACA. This can be done at the same time as your DACA consultation.

In addition, if you are a refugee, you should apply for a green card within one year of being admitted to the United States. Do this as soon as possible by going to a reputable legal provider.

The government has priorities for who is to be removed from the United States. These priorities have not changed. If you do not fall in one of these priorities, it is less likely (but not impossible) that the government will attempt to deport you. You can learn more about these priorities at your consultation.

In the unfortunate event of the detention or deportation of a family member, it is important that other family members, especially children, know the plan that the family has put in place. Make sure you know which adult is in charge of children, and have all necessary paperwork regarding children and other family members who need assistance in one place, ready for the remaining adult to handle. 

DACA todavía está vigente

El programa de acción diferida para los que llegaron en la infancia (“DACA2012”) provee a los jóvenes que llegaron a los Estados Unidos antes de cumplir los 16 años la oportunidad de quedarse y aplicar para la autorización para trabajar. 

  1. Si se acerca la fecha de renovar tu autorización de DACA, debes aplicar para renovarla dentro del plazo requerido.  World Relief sugiere que lo hagas antes si es posible de la inauguración presidencial en enero.
  2. Si no has aplicado para DACA, vé a consultar a un representante legal acreditado por BIA (Board of immigration Appeals), y si después de la consulta se determina que tiene una petición convincente para DACA, aplica para este programa.  Te recomendamos que visites estas páginas web para informarte sobre los representantes legales acreditados:  BIA Roster of the Department of Justice y American Immigration Lawyers Association.

¡Mucho cuidado con los notarios! Desgraciadamente, estos son momentos en que la gente inescrupulosa intenta engañar a la gente con beneficios y protecciones que no existen.  Busca proveedores de servicios legales de inmigración que están acreditados. También es importante que averigues si cumples los requisitos para otros beneficios además de DACA.  Puedes hacerlo durante la misma consulta.

Además, si Usted es refugiado(a), debería aplicar para la residencia (mica) dentro del plazo de un año desde que entró en los Estados Unidos.  Hágalo tan pronto posible consultando con un representante legal acreditado.

El gobierno tiene prioridades sobre los que deben ser deportados de los Estados Unidos.  Estas prioridades no han cambiado.  Si Usted no pertenece a ningún grupo que se menciona en las prioridades, es menos probable (pero no imposible) que el gobierno intente deportarlo(a).  Durante la consulta legal, se informará sobre estas prioridades.

En el caso desafortunado que algún miembro de la familia sea detenido o deportado, es importante que los otros miembros de la familia, especialmente los niños, sepan los arreglos que la familia ha establecido.  Decidan quién va a ser el adulto encargado a atender a los niños. Guarden en un lugar todos los documentos necesarios sobre los niños y los otros miembros de la familia que necesitan ayuda listos para que el adulto encargado pueda manejarlos.


For information on DACA Renewal, click here

ILS provides quality, compassionate, and affordable immigration assistance and is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals as an accredited establishment.

General Consultations provide a brief introduction to immigrant legal services and help clients discover their options and begin any necessary processes needed to attain desired status.

Adjustment of Status facilitates the movement from a temporary status to a permanent status, where eligible.

Family Reunification allows citizens and immigrant residents to petition for family members who’ve been separated through war and persecution, or who are citizens of another country.

Citizenship Services enable eligible permanent residents to apply for U.S. Citizenship, opening them up to rights, privileges, and services previously inaccessible, and allowing them to become informed, contributing members of their communities.

For more information on Citizenship Services, click here.

VAWA/U-Visas seek justice against wrongful acts of violence, and open up pathways for the victim to gain protection through lawful status.

We also offer the  following services:

  • Conditional Residency Removal
  • Consular Process/ Immigrant Visas
  • Document Translations
  • Fiancé  Petitions
  • Refugee Green Cards
  • Renew/Replace Green Cards

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